Brandon and I met on reddit and soon afterwards he sent me a friend request on Facebook. Usually I ignore or reject friend requests from people I don’t personally know or have never met, but for Brandon I made an exception. As guys with similar aged kids, and as Rubik’s Cube enthusiasts interested in how best to teach the next generation not only how to solve, but how to problem-solve, think independently, and grow good habits, I actually did feel that Brandon was a friend.

So there you have it. Long story short, we are both active on a wonderful Facebook Group for Cubing Moms and Dads (recently founded by the tireless and entirely generous #fanaunt of speedcuber Drew Brads), and Brandon needed somewhere to host his OLL guide, so here it is…

Brandon’s OLL Guide

Brandon says: “Hey folks, whether you are learning yourself or your child is learning, I put together what I think is a good resource for those using CFOP method to learn all 57 cases for the “O” step.

“It shows a picture of each OLL case, my preferred method to solve it, and an algorithm to create the case when applied to a solved cube. Most of the “creator” algorithms are other OLL solutions. 


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  • Hi!
    I learned how to solve 3×3 half from other tuts and then the rest with yours!! I love your videos, they are the best.

    Do you have a tutorial for solving 4×4? I would LOVE to know the algorithms you recommend! Just got my cube in the mail yesterday.
    Have a great day,

    • Hi Wendy! My boy does solve the 4×4, using only two algorithms to basically turn it into a large 3×3 (this is done by pairing up the central edge pieces). He also knows the two algorithms to correct any “parity” errors which happen on a 4×4 but not a 3×3. Unfortunately, he doesn’t really enjoy solving the 4×4 as much as he loves the 3×3, and we don’t have any plans to make any tutorials for it at present. We have planned a number of further tutorials on the 3×3 and are trying to find a time to get these shot and published! Thank you so much for your comments and encouragement, it really means so much to us!