Hello World! Welcome to our website! We are a family that loves puzzles, Lego, and music, and we’ve developed an amazing way to combine our love for all three! We’re going to publish series of videos that help you to solve your Rubik’s Cube using… you guessed it, Lego and music! Sometimes the hardest part about solving the Rubik’s Cube is learning all the algorithms, but once you start singing the songs we’re going to teach you, you’ll be memorizing the algorithms in no time!

We also love to draw and to design, so we’ve put some of our ideas onto an online shop at Spreadshirt, so you can buy them for yourselves! And finally, we’re very excited because Chandler will be the youngest competitor (by far!) tomorrow at Caltech in the Rubik’s Cube category of the WCA competition. We have a good feeling that he might beat his own personal best time!

Oh, and if you’re wondering why we named our site mu6cube, it’s because it kind of sounds like “music’s cube” which is how we’re going to help you solve your puzzle, but also, Chandler is only 6 years old and we wanted to commemorate that…

Thanks for reading! We hope you enjoy our videos!


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